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March 24, 2005



Nice, do you listen to WOXY? So far I think Aaron & I have the most opposite music tastes.

Also how is that Rilo Kiley album? Is it the one with "it's a hit" on it?


I've heard WOXY but I don't listen to it much. I've got SIRIUS satellite now, so I listen to that mostly (the Left of Center station) when I'm not listening to the iPod.

As for Rilo Kiley, I downloaded a few of their songs from Kazaa and I think they were on a Saddle Creek Records collection I own, but I don't really know them that well. I don't own any albums of theirs.


Don't have satellite. I catch WOXY on the internet at work. Almost listen to it exclusively these days.

As for RK, I went to Tower & they had her new album on one of the listening stations. I just couldn't put down any of the 5 other CDs I had to buy it. I try to limit the # of CDs I buy or else I'll have hell to pay come credit card bill day.


Well, I linked here through Gleeman's site, so there you have it... Of course, the only reason I clicked the link is because I had to check out any blog that was named after an obscure Stephen Malkmus song.


Nice pickup on the title's reference, Ted. No one else has yet known of where it came from. Of course, very few people know who Malkmus is, which is a shame, but anyway...


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